Faculty and Staff Directory

Staff Directory
Name Title Phone Area
Adams, Patricia Associate Professor - Office Administration 908-709-7488 Business
Adefalu, Tolulope Custodian Second Shift Facilities
Afshani, Hadieh Academic Specialist, Graphic Arts 908-497-4258 Academic Affairs
Dr. Ahsani, Mandana Senior Professor - Psychology & Sociology 908-497-4383 Psychology-Sociology
Aladren, Maria Academic Specialist, Theater Arts 908-497-4249 Academic Affairs
Alvelaez, Victor Recruiter 908-709-7513 Recruitment
Anderson, Mark Director of Purchasing 908-709-7010 Purchasing
Angulo, Marieanne Director of Instructional Design 908-497-4363 Distance Education
Dr. Anyanwu, Lenard Senior Professor - Economics, Government & History 908-709-7156 Economics-Govern-History
Ardila, OlgaLucia Payroll Accountant 908-709-7053 Finance
Arezzi, John Assistant Professor - Business 908-497-4294 Business
Atsma, Bert Professor - Biology 908-412-3554 Biology
Babos, Nora Office Manager/Coordinator 908-709-7528 Academic Learning Center
Barnes, Marjorie Associate Professor - English 908-659-5157 English-Mod Language-FA
Dr. Barnes-Thomassen, Wendy Associate Professor - English 908-965-6011 English-Mod Language-FA
Dr. Barrezueta, Carlos Dean of Social Sciences and Business 908-709-7509 Academic Affairs
Basso, Nick Associate Director of Public Safety 908-709-7152 Public Safety
Batista, Maritza Program Director, WFNJ 908-659-5190 Center Econ. & Workforce Dev
Bebenova, Sonia Tutoring Services Coordinator 908-965-2356 Academic Learning Center
Dr. Beckman, Jeffrey Senior Professor - Math 908-659-5136 Math
Bell, Tereke Security Officer - First Shift Public Safety
Belmonte, Paul Student Services Specialist 908-709-7133 Admission-Registration-Record
Belza, Mariano Custodian Third Shift Facilities
Benson, Kyle Security Officer - Second Shift Public Safety
Dr. Biederstadt, Carol Associate Professor - English 908-965-2997 English-Mod Language-FA
Bontempo, Saralia Creative Services Manager 908-709-7040 College Relations
Bontempo, Gary Lead Copy Machine Operator/Finisher Print Shop
Bopalkar, Babita Accountant 908-709-7056 Finance
Mr. Bosea, Lester Assistant Registrar 908-965-2351 Admission-Registration-Record
Boyd, Amy Associate Professor - Math 908-965-2998 Math
Bratten, Kim Custodian Third Shift Facilities
Brooks, Keir, Sr. Facilities Site Lead 908-659-5160 Facilities
Dr. Brophy, Anna Senior Professor - Math 908-709-7687 Math
Broxton-Robinson, Fatimah Assistant Professor - English 908-709-7546 English-Mod Language-FA
Bruguier, Elsa Librarian 908-412-3569 Libraries
Cabral, Avis Division Secretary STEM 908-709-7467 Academic Affairs
Calle, Percy Custodian Second Shift Facilities
Cangiano, Andrew Student Services Specialist Advising, Career, & Transfer
Cardona, Mariluz Financial Aid Counselor 908-965-2999 Financial Aid
Carman, Tamiko Lab Coordinator 908-412-3583 Biology
Carrero, Sarah Associate Director of Financial Aid 908-965-2342 Financial Aid
Carter, Remond Student Services Generalist 908-497-4308 Financial Aid
Casimir, Samuel Director of EOF 908-709-7087 Educational Opportunity Fund
Castillo, Abel Custodian First Shift Facilities
Castro, Annette Comm Ctr Stu Sv Assoc 908-709-7601 Communication Center
Cedano, Katy Associate Professor - Modern Langauges 908-497-4241 English-Mod Language-FA
Chance, Dayne Director of Financial Aid 908-709-7089 Financial Aid
Cheek, Zulema Executive Assistant to the VP for Student Development 908-709-7091 VP, Student Development
Cheung, Tinny Director, Student Success Initiatives 908-709-7489 Student Success Initiatives
Dr. Chewning, Susannah Senior Professor - English 908-709-7182 English-Mod Language-FA