Faculty and Staff Directory

Staff Directory
Name Title Phone Area
Velez, Madeline Secretary - IBI/Continued Education 908-965-6024 Industry-Business Institute
Vellios, Kathryn Assistant Director of Student Accounts 908-709-7062 Student Accounts
Venturella, Karen Assistant Librarian 908-709-7027 Libraries
Vergara, Jose Facilities Site Lead Facilities
Vicente, Dori Associate Professor - Physics/Engineering 908-709-7026 Engineering
Villafranca, Almond Programmer Technician/Help Desk Specialist 908-709-7168 Information Technology
Walsh, Meghan Administrator, Academic Affairs 908-497-4394 Academic Affairs
Walsh, Robert Senior Maintenance Mechanic Second Shift Facilities
Washington, Nathaniel Custodian Third Shift Facilities
Washington, Sherry Executive Secretary 908-709-7517 Academic Affairs
Watts, Sharon Senior Analyst of Institutional Research Assessment-Planning-Research
Weeden, Randy Programmer Technician/Help Desk Specialist 908-965-6073 Information Technology
Welch, Lynne Vice President, Financial Affairs & Treasurer 908-709-7167 Financial Affairs
Wetzel, John Security Officer - First Shift 908-412-3595 Public Safety
White, Marlene Associate General Counsel 908-709-7041 Financial Affairs
Williams, Dexter Security Officer - Second Shift Public Safety
Williams, Lavon Student Services Generalist One Stop Operations
Willis, Jerry Custodian Third Shift Facilities
Wills Jr, Robert Custodian Third Shift Facilities
Winch, Eric Chief Information Officer 908-709-7150 Information Technology
Wittrock, Kathleen Division Secretary 908-791-4917 Allied Sciences
Wollman, Lawrence Associate Professor - Institute Intensive English 908-659-5179 Institute Intensive English
Wong, Tin Programmer Technician/Help Desk Specialist 908-709-7109 Information Technology
Worden, Garry Custodian First Shift Facilities
Dr. Wrice, Vincent Senior Professor - Business 908-497-4366 Business
Wright-Smith, Wanda Assistant Registrar Admission-Registration-Record
Dr. Xu, Huaxin Senior Professor - Institute Intensive English 908-659-5135 Institute Intensive English
Dr. Xu, James Senior Professor - Physics/Engineering 908-659-5128 Engineering
Young, Donna Programmer Technician/Help Desk Specialist 908-709-7447 Information Technology
Zago, Mary Technical Standards Auditor 908-709-7064 Information Technology
Zakrzewski, Daniel Security Officer - First Shift Public Safety
Dr. Zavaleta, Andres Senior Professor - Chemistry 908-659-5132 Chemistry
Zdziarski, Jacqueline Clerk II/Department Assistant Level II Center Econ. & Workforce Dev
Dr. Zhang, Wenyao Senior Professor - Math 908-497-4254 Math
Dr. Zielony, Karen Senior Professor - English 908-497-4275 English-Mod Language-FA
Ziolkowski, Michael Mail/Receiving Clerk Auxiliary Services
Zuber, Jessica Associate Director of Advising, Career & Transfer Services 908-709-7587 Advising, Career, & Transfer
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