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The Industry-Business Institute

Union County College

Client Quotes

  • “Union County College went above and beyond to service and meet our computer training needs.  Their instructors quickly gained rapport with our employees which facilitated the transfer of knowledge, and their ability to hold the training onsite allowed for more active participation and less disruption to our operational needs.”

-Kris Young
-Sr. Manager, Human Resources


  •  Just wanted to extend my sincere thanks and WELL DONE for all the great training and support you folks have given us here at Comcast over the past couple of years. I have received nothing but overwhelming positive comments and feedback from the hundreds our “Comcasters” who have taken classes with you at UCC. You folks have supported our mission, our initiatives and partnered with us to achieve our Comcast Touchstone of “Employee Focus.”

-Jim Hurley
-Comcast University, Director of Learning and Development


  • Having had responsibility for employee training for Maher Terminals since 1998, I have had the ability to evaluate products and services from a broad range of “for profit” and “not for profit” (training) vendors. I have found that working with County Colleges has been cost effective, and rewarding (I have worked with Hudson County College in addition to Union County College). From my perspective, the County Colleges have a true sense of customer satisfaction. The representatives understand the importance of partnering with the employer to develop and facilitate well designed & economical programs, as opposed to selling what isn’t needed for the sake of revenues.
  • I consider my relationship with UCC to be of great value for my organization, and its employees, and credit much of that to the staff I have had the pleasure of working with.

-Frank Hrdina, Vice President of Human Resources


  • I would like to thank you for your efforts in organizing the scheduling and advising in the various training programs available that we used as part of our state grant.
  • Whether it was technical training for our mechanics in electric technology, programmable logic controllers or graphic arts training for our electronic prepress department or business communications and team building for all our employees your instructors were knowledgeable and able to communicate at all levels.
  • All of the training programs aided in the implementation of the Six Sigma Program. The Six Sigma instructor was excellent. From that training we have a Green Belt and a Black Belt team that continues to make Plymouth Printing a more efficient organization.
  • The state grant was certainly money well spent that through the efforts of your instructors will continue to allow Plymouth Printing to grow well into the future.

-Leonard J. Dillon, Director of Finance & Administration


  • This customized training program has been very useful to us in training our people to improve the quality of the job they do.”

-Ray Seth, Owner


  • The thing that strikes me most in working with UCC’s Industry Business Institute was how very flexible they were in meeting our scheduling and bilingual requirements. The courses provided our employees with the tools they needed to perform their jobs more effectively.  The increased efficiency directly affected our bottom line in a positive manner.

-Joe Vicini, V.P. Systems


  •  The Basic Supervision and Management Seminar instructor came from a manufacturing environment, so she spoke the same language as our management team.  To fully understand our issues, she toured each participant’s department and then applied the case studies to fit the setting. The seminar proved to be a very realistic learning experience for all.

-Dee Salomone, Human Resources Administrator


  • The ESL course in particular has been very beneficial to both our field and office staff. Our quality of care has certainly increased by the level of effective communication used among clients, staff and field nurses. Our ongoing plan is to go forward with the ESL program and use it as a recruitment and retention tool. We plan to continue utilizing UCC’s Industry Business Institute in the future to further enhance our field staff’s communication skills by continuing their education.

-Ellen Stone, Branch Administrator


  • Lincoln Mold & Die views training of our employee as a vital link to our success. In the competitive manufacturing environment, they are our greatest assets. Our partner in this effort over the past few years has been the Union County College Industry Business Institute.
  • The training program from Union County College Industry Business Institute has allowed us to promote from within the company for a technical position that became available because of recent retirement. This advancement was offered to our personnel as a result of specialized training in Advanced CAD arranged by Union County College Industry Business Institute.
  • Because of the language needs of Lincoln Mold & Die’s diverse personnel, Union County College Industry Business Institute has also conducted in-house ESL classes, English As A Second Language. The results of these efforts have given our company our greatest returns. Making this type of training available to our workforce not only increases efficiency through better workplace communication but also gives me the personal satisfaction of giving something back to the New Jersey community that has given so much to my family and I.
  • Lincoln Mold & Die cannot stress enough how important these types of services offered by Union County College Industry Business Institute are to our community. It keeps small manufactures competitive in a global economy and assures high paying jobs now and in the future.

-Jorge Perez, Director of Technology


  • I think that the training was very well received by our staff. They learned a lot and continue to implement what they’ve been taught in their daily work. We would certainly use UCC’s Industry Business Institute again for future collaboration!

-Tom Beck, Executive Director


  •  Thank you so much for your help in setting up the classes for our employees. The session were both educational and enjoyable, and the fact that you were able to provide all but one of them at our hotel was wonderful.
  • The English as a Second Language class was beneficial to both our employees and our hotel, enabling the Hispanic and French-speaking members of our staff to interact more comfortably with our guests. The instructor did a superb job of instilling confidence, as well as imparting knowledge to her students.
  • Those of our Kitchen staff who completed the ServSafe course came away with a heightened awareness of sanitation and proper food handling. The students who passed the certification test, as well as those who didn’t (probably because of the language barrier) all feel that they knowledge they gained will help them throughout their cooking careers.
  • And finally, I must commend our Excel instructor, who showed much patience with our class. This class was taught at the college and because of the nature of the hotel business, many of us were late to class on several occasions. Our instructor never missed a beat; although he had his own agenda to follow, he took the time to be sure we all understood the lesson and had enough time to perform the practice exercises. He was really great!

-Doris Beriont, Human Resources Director