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About Union

Union County College has a remarkable history as New Jersey’s first community college. We are known for excellence among regional colleges and universities.

Board Members

BOARD OF TRUSTEES (Effective January 2019)

Victor M. Richel, Chair
Mary M. Zimmermann, Vice Chair
Dr. Margaret M. McMenamin, President
Lawrence D. Bashe
George A. Castro, II
Daniel J. Connolly
Brig. Gen. Edward J. Chrystal, Jr.
Nick Fixmer
Edward J. Hobbie, Esq.
Miguel A. Merino
Daryl Palmieri
Cherron P. Rountree
Gissella Gamboa, Student Representative (Sworn in November 5, 2018)
Michael M. Horn, Esq., Legal Counsel

BOARD OF GOVERNORS (Effective April 2019)

Elizabeth Garcia, P.E., Chair
Lawrence D. Bashe, Vice Chair
Dr. Margaret M. McMenamin, President
Melinda Ayala
Nancy J. Benz
Rafael J. Betancourt, Esq.
Tamecka M. Dixon
Ryan J. Greco
Susan D. Hairston
Stephen F. Hehl, Esq.
Donna M. Herran
Harvey R. Hirschfeld
Edward J. Hobbie, Esq.
Gary S. Horan
Jeffrey H. Katz, Esq.
Richard J. Malcolm
J. Anthony Manger, Esq.
Carl J. Napor
Francis Raudelunas
Victor M. Richel
Allan L. Weisberg
Hugh C. Welsh
Mary M. Zimmermann