Alumni Spotlight

Each month we will begin featuring a notable UCNJ Alum! Our first spotlight goes to Dr. Norelli. Thank you for being such a role model to our students – you truly are an inspiration. We also appreciate your continued support of the Foundation’s mission to accelerate the pace of student success.
It is Alumni Spotlight time! This month’s spotlight goes to Joana Costa. Aside from always volunteering her time and supporting the Foundation’s mission, she just recently set-up a scholarship for UCNJ students. Joana, you are truly making a positive difference in our community! Your dedication to accelerating the pace of student success is greatly appreciated. We are honored to have you as an alum of the College!
This month’s Alumni Spotlight goes to Michael Smith. We appreciate his continued generosity – he has truly had a positive impact on the success of our UCNJ students! Thank you for your support, we are grateful to have alumni like you.
This month’s Alumni Spotlight goes to McDaniel Jeantus. He only graduated a few years ago and is ALREADY a scholarship donor. We are thankful to have successful alumni who come back and show their support. McDaniel, thank you for giving back to UCNJ students.
This month’s Alumni Spotlight goes to Meg Neafsey. Meg graduated from UCNJ and became very involved. She is a Foundation Board member and serves on the Alumni Association Board. Meg is also involved with Foundation committees and is a generous donor. We can’t thank Meg enough for her commitment to our mission.