Faculty and Staff Directory

Staff Directory
Name Title Phone Area
Chance, Dayne Director of Financial Aid 908-709-7089 Financial Aid
Cheek, Zulema Executive Assistant to the VP for Student Development 908-709-7091 VP, Student Development
Cheung, Tinny Director, Student Success Initiatives 908-709-7489 Student Success Initiatives
Dr. Chewning, Susannah Senior Professor - English 908-709-7182 English-Mod Language-FA
Cimorelli, Karen Coord of Sv for Stu w Disabilities 908-709-7164 Title 504 Disability Svcs
Dr. Cippoletti, Nicole Assistant Dean of STEM 908-709-7466 Academic Affairs
Cipriano, Cristina Student Accounts Analyst 908-709-7059 Student Accounts
Ciprio, Christine Academic Specialist, Practical Nursing 908-412-3597 Practical Nursing & Allied Hea
Cislo, Michele Associate Professor - Practical Nursing 908-412-3564 Practical Nursing & Allied Hea
Claudet, Nancy Student Service Associate 908-497-4334 Financial Aid
Clement, Donnell One Stop Manager 908-965-6086 One Stop Operations
Clifton, Antionette Clerk 908-965-2991 Admission-Registration-Record
Clyburn, Joseph Security Officer - Second Shift Public Safety
Codiot, Merissa Student Services Associate - One Stop 908-497-4291 One Stop Operations
Cohen, Stanley Professor - Math 908-497-4221 Math
Coleman, Lichia Purchasing Technician 908-709-7031 Purchasing
Comeau, Robert Professor - English 908-497-4216 English-Mod Language-FA
Constable, Dianna Student Services Generalist 908-709-7484 College Life
Dr. Cooner, Elizabeth Executive Director of Institutional Research 908-527-7213 Assessment-Planning-Research
Coutinho, Nicole Associate Director of Financial Aid 908-709-7076 Financial Aid
Crisonino, Virginia Associate Professor - Math 908-497-4286 Math
Crowley, Paul, Jr. Student Services Specialist 908-709-7105 Financial Aid
Cunache, Monica Division Secretary-Elizabeth 908-965-6091 Dean of Elizabeth Campus
Cunha, Sarah Student Services Associate - One Stop 908-497-4292 One Stop Operations
Cuttita, Carl Associate Professor - Communications 908-497-4222 English-Mod Language-FA
Dasulme, Ferdinand Custodian Third Shift Facilities
David, Rashida Grant Director, NSF 908-709-7192 NSF IUSE
Dawson, Rachel Academic Specialist, Education 908-709-7575 Academic Affairs
Dr. De, Mahua Senior Professor - Institute Intensive English 908-659-5143 Institute Intensive English
De Sandies, Andre Associate Professor - Institute Intensive English 908-659-5178 Institute Intensive English
Dedes, Vasiliki Security Officer - Second Shift Public Safety
Devarona, Robert Student Services Specialist 908-709-7077 Advising, Career, & Transfer
Diaz, Fernando Custodial Site Lead-3rd Facilities
DiFiore, John Associate Professor - Institute Intensive English 908-965-2345 Institute Intensive English
Domick, Timothy Director of Libraries 908-709-7622 Libraries
Doty, Caroline Associate Professor - Math 908-497-4273 Math
Douglass, Michelle Secretary 908-709-7606 Continuing Education
Dr. Duan, Yanzheng Senior Professor - Math 908-497-4238 Math
Dunscombe, William Interim Dean of STEM 908-709-7570 Biology
Ebert, Jennifer Associate Professor - Engineering 908-527-7206 Engineering
Edzek, Christine Administrative Assistant - Grant Fund Educational Opportunity Fund
Eimont, James Media Coordinator 908-965-6098 Media Services
Espana, Daisy Clerk I / Department Assistant Level I 908-659-5149 Center Econ. & Workforce Dev
Espinoza, Dennys Special Asst to VPAA for Assessment and Accreditation 908-709-7016 Academic Affairs
Falkowski, Lauren Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs 908-709-7551 Academic Affairs
Fehlberg, Stephanie Human Resources Associate 908-709-7145 Human Resources
Dr. Felton, Tracy Senior Professor - Biology 908-709-7082 Biology
Feuer, Janette Administrator of Institutional Research 908-527-7212 Assessment-Planning-Research
Fisher, Elliot Associate Professor - Math 908-497-4369 Math
Flammer, Corinne Academic Specialist, Paramedic Program 908-791-4955 Paramedic Department