Faculty and Staff Directory

Staff Directory
Name Title Phone Area
Estrella-Regalado, Criselis Student Services Generalist One Stop Operations
Farrah, Adan Student Services Specialist 908-965-6039 Financial Aid
Fehlberg, Stephanie Human Resources Generalist 908-709-7145 Human Resources
Dr. Felton, Tracy Senior Professor - Biology 908-709-7082 Biology
Fernandez, Maria Student Services Specialist 908-965-2999 Financial Aid
Feuer, Janette Administrator of Institutional Research 908-527-7212 Assessment-Planning-Research
Dr. Fisher, Amy Student Services Specialist 908-965-6053 Educational Opportunity Fund
Fisher, Elliot Professor - Math 908-497-4369 Math
Fitzgerald, Zachary Junior Accountant 908-709-7037 Finance & Operations
Flores, Lidia Administrative Assistant 908-497-4318 Public Safety
Fuentes, Erika Student Services Specialist 908-709-7997 Financial Aid
Fyfe, James Maintenance Mechanic Helper First Shift Facilities
Gallagher, Patrick Director of Media Services 908-709-7081 Media Services
Gallagher, Kelsey Assistant Director of Library 908-709-7507 Libraries
Garcia, Roberto Assistant Professor - English 908-497-4212 English-Mod Language-FA
Garcia, Julie Student Services Specialist - Progresando Dean of Elizabeth Campus
Gilbert, Nicholas Associate Professor - Physics/Engineering 908-709-7065 Engineering
Gilyard, Frank Custodian First Shift Facilities
Gomez, Susana Secretary, Workforce Innovation Business Center 908-965-2992 Industry-Business Institute
Gouveia, Joanne Senior Professor-Communications 908-497-4237 English-Mod Language-FA
Greco, Mary Assistant Director of Academic Learning Center 908-497-4347 Academic Learning Center
Dr. Green-Douglas, Patricia Assistant Professor - Business 908-497-4299 Business
Guillen, Melissa Admissions & Enrollment Generalist 908-709-7512 Office of Admissions
Gutierrez, Manuel Custodian First Shift Facilities
Guzman, Noel Senior Buyer 908-709-7138 Purchasing
Guzman-Tes, Jenny Administrative Assistant 908-709-7128 Registrar's Office
Hafen, Eric Academic Specialist, Theater Arts 908-497-4249 Academic Affairs
Dr. Hallur, Sohal Academic Specialist Program Director, PTA 908-412-3542 Physical Therapist Assistant
Dr. Hargrove, Demond Vice President of Student Development 908-709-7142 VP, Student Development
Hassan, Essam Security Officer - First Shift Public Safety
Hawes, David Assistant Director of Engineering 908-497-4248 Facilities
Hawkins, Tracey Assistant Professor, Practical Nursing 908-412-3598 Academic Affairs
Hedhli, Amjed Academic Specialist, Computer Science 908-497-4300 Computer Information Systems
Heidary, Shahrzad Associate Professor-Chemistry 908-709-7454 Chemistry
Henderson, Stephen Mail/Receiving Clerk Mailroom
Hildrew, George Senior Professor - Fine Arts 908-497-4278 English-Mod Language-FA
Hines, Joseph Director of Public Safety 908-497-4317 Public Safety
Dr. Hiscano, Lisa Executive Dir of CE & Workforce Dev 908-965-2358 Administrative Services
Holman, Deadra Administrative Assistant 908-709-7160 Registrar's Office
Dr. Hu, Xuemei Senior Professor - Psychology & Sociology 908-497-4287 Psychology-Sociology
Dr. Hurley, Valerae Senior Professor - Economics, Government & History Economics-Govern-History
James-Pellam, Katrina Student Services Generalist (Job Developer) 908-659-5116 Center Econ. & Workforce Dev
Jarosz, Jacqueline Director of Financial Operations 908-709-7052 Finance & Operations
Dr. Jenssen, Warren Senior Professor - Biology 908-709-7562 Biology
Jiang, Yu Director of Libraries 908-709-7622 Libraries
Jilus, Jasmine Associate Director of Advising, Career & Transfer Services 908-527-7219 Advising, Career, & Transfer
Jones, Keith Student Services Generalist One Stop Operations
Justiniano, Albert Student Services Associate - One Stop One Stop Operations
Dr. Kabak, Gina Senior Professor - Business 908-709-7090 Business
Kabaria, Ketan Help Desk Specialist 908-965-2909 Information Technology