Faculty and Staff Directory

Staff Directory
Name Title Phone Area
Dr. Khan, Mushtaq Senior Professor - Chemistry 908-709-7119 Chemistry
Klinkova-Bacek, Denisa Admissions & Enrollment Generalist 908-709-7590 Office of Admissions
Kortbaoui, May Student Services Specialist 908-709-7188 Educational Opportunity Fund
Kubas, Joanna Student Services Associate-ARR 908-709-7132 Registrar's Office
Kula, Joanne Assistant Director of Continuing Education 908-709-7602 Continuing Education
Kulick, Kristin Coordinator, CCOG 908-709-7593 Assessment-Planning-Research
Kwon, Larry Assistant Professor - Math 908-497-4324 Math
Dr. Lacagnino, Sara Dean of Curriculum & Accreditation 908-709-7007 Academic Affairs
Laffey, Emma Student Svc Spec/Soc Work 908-527-7246 Dean of Students
Lagnaoui, Tarik Assistant Professor - Math 908-497-4274 Math
Dr. Lamberti, Armand Academic Specialist, Education 908-709-7575 Academic Affairs
Lampon, Cynthia Student Services Specialist 908-412-3588 Advising, Career, & Transfer
LaTempa, Donnamarie Division Secretary SS Business 908-709-7510 Academic Affairs
LaTempa, Madeline Student Services Associate - One Stop One Stop Operations
Lee, Dennis Security Officer - Third Shift Public Safety
Li, Zhen Assistant Professor - Math 908-497-4251 Math
Liddy-LaPadura, Lana Instructional Support Specialist 908-497-4381 Distance Education
Lloyd, Rene Billing Coordinator 908-709-7022 Student Accounts
Lobo, Paola Security Officer - First Shift Public Safety
Lobo-miller, Laurinda Contract Administration Specialist 908-965-6012 Center Econ. & Workforce Dev
Loff, Jorge Systems Analyst (Grant and Contract Programs) 908-659-5216 Center Econ. & Workforce Dev
Loff, Marlene Coordinator (Grant & Contract Programs)/Grant Director 908-527-7243 Center Econ. & Workforce Dev
Lofters, Alvina Academic Specialist, Practical Nursing 908-412-3565 Practical Nursing & Allied Hea
Dr. Lohani-Chase, Rama Assistant Professor - Psychology & Sociology 908-497-4235 Psychology-Sociology
Lordi, Susan Executive Assistant 908-709-7021 Finance & Operations
Lotano, Vincent Associate Vice President, Operations 908-709-7046 Finance & Operations
Dr. Lown, Maris Vice President, Academic Affairs Division 908-709-7006 Academic Affairs
Lugo, Luis Facilities Site Lead 908-222-5979 Facilities
MacGregor, Marci Associate Professor - English 908-497-4391 English-Mod Language-FA
Mack, Brittney Senior Development Manager 908-709-7039 UCC Foundation
Dr. Majewski, Kevin Assistant Dean of Humanities 908-709-7496 Academic Affairs
Manyange, Aloys Custodian Second Shift Facilities
Margiotta, Joseph Academic Specialist, History 908-709-7996 Academic Affairs
Martinez, Angie Student Services Associate - One Stop One Stop Operations
Martinez, Talia Instructional Support Specialist 908-497-4380 Distance Education
Martinez-Moreira, Andrea Student Services Generalist 908-965-6024 Center Econ. & Workforce Dev
Martins, Nuno Programmer Technician/Help Desk Specialist 908-709-7447 Information Technology
Mastrantonio, Katherine Associate Professor - English 908-497-4236 English-Mod Language-FA
Matika, Susan Executive Assistant 908-709-7548 President
Dr. Maxwell, Joyce Associate Professor - English 908-965-6089 English-Mod Language-FA
Maynard, Dominique Student Services Specialist Advising, Career, & Transfer
Dr. McAndrew, Marie-Helene Assistant Professor - Physical Therapy 908-412-3541 Practical Nursing & Allied Hea
McConnell, Derek Professor - Institute Intensive English 908-659-5129 Institute Intensive English
Dr. McGowan, Joan Senior Professor - Psychology & Sociology 908-497-4242 Psychology-Sociology
McLean, Sterling Security Officer - Second Shift Public Safety
Dr. McMenamin, Margaret President 908-709-7100 President
Dr. Meeks, Mary Senior Professor - English 908-497-4246 English-Mod Language-FA
Miller, Ashley Security Officer - Second Shift Public Safety
Miller, Shelby Associate Registrar 908-709-7121 Registrar's Office
Milteer, Linda Associate Professor - Math 908-497-4228 Math