The Office of College Life


The Office of College Life [OCL] is responsible for promoting extracurricular and co-curricular programs that complement and enhance each student’s academic experience and personal development. The office believes that students not only have the opportunity to learn within the classroom but also, gain knowledge through life experiences and networking.

Specifically, this office works closely with athletics, recreation, and student clubs/ organizations, to provide the college with cultural, educational, and social programs. In addition, the Office serves as a planning resource for campus events and arranges leadership training for students.

Yearly Events
OCL consistently provides educational and social events for students, staff, and faculty. While each semester is different and new events are implemented each year, there are events that are hosted without fail. See below for some of the holidays that we recognize throughout the year.

  • Welcome Week (Fall & Spring)
  • 9/11 Remembrance
  • Service Week (Fall & Spring)
  • Indigenous Day
  • Hispanic History Month
  • LGBTQIA+ History Month
  • De-stress during finals (Fall & Spring)
  • Black History Month
  • Women’s History Month
  • Pride Month

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