• Provide a safe and supportive physical and emotional environment for members of the College community.
  • Identify, assess, and intervene with individuals who are struggling or who demonstrate concerning or threatening behavior.
  • Provide support and resources to community members who are concerned for another individual.

Concerning behavior may include the following

  • Sending verbal or written threats to another student, staff, or faculty member.
  • Writing about or verbally expressing suicidal ideation.
  • Exhibiting declining academic performance and/or has excessive absences.
  • Expressing feelings of hopelessness or helplessness.
  • Displaying physical signs of fatigue, disorientation, anxiety, stress, failing to eat, or poor hygiene.
  • Messages on social media with concerning language.
  • Engaging in other actions which cause an alarm.

What happens when a report is received by the CARE Team?

Depending on the case, the CARE Team can take action immediately, gather more facts, assemble a larger team, implement an intervention plan in connection with campus/departmental staff, or deem no action is necessary.

Additional Information

For questions about the CARE Team contact the Office of the Dean of Students.