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Union County College

Division of Financial Affairs and Treasurer

The Vice President for Financial Affairs and Treasurer, Lynne Welch, reports directly to the President and serves as the Chief Financial Officer.

The Vice President’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Cash management
  • development and adherence to financial policy and plans
  • development and management of capital and operating budgets
  • recording economic transactions
  • summarizing and reporting transactions in accord with applicable regulations and Accounting Standards
  • Human Resource management
  • Information Technology
  • Facilities maintenance and construction
  • Public Safety
  • goods-and-services procurement
  • Legal Services management

These responsibilities are fulfilled through the efforts of the following departments:

  • Associate Vice President of Administration Vincent Lotano
  • Associate Vice President of Finance Lori Wilkin
  • Director of Financial Reporting and Budgets Marlene Sousa
  • Chief Information Officer Eric Winch
  • Director of Facilities Robert Hogan
  • Director of Public Safety Joseph Hines
  • Associate General Counsel Marlene White
  • Director of Financial Operations & Grants Accounting Jane Kane
  • Director of Purchasing Mark Anderson

Union County College Facilities Master Plan 2018-2023