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Union County College

Division of Finance & Operations

The Vice President for Finance & Operations, Dr. Lori Wilkin, reports directly to the President and serves as the Chief Financial Officer.

The Vice President’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Grants management
  • Cash management
  • development and adherence to financial policy and plans
  • development and management of capital and operating budgets
  • recording economic transactions
  • summarizing and reporting transactions in accord with applicable regulations and Accounting Standards
  • Human Resource management
  • Information Technology
  • Facilities maintenance and construction
  • Public Safety
  • Purchasing
  • Legal Services management

These responsibilities are fulfilled through the efforts of the following departments:

  • Associate Vice President of Administration Vincent Lotano
  • Assistant Vice President of Finance Marlene Sousa
  • Chief Information Officer Eric Winch
  • Director of Facilities Robert Hogan
  • Director of Public Safety Joseph Hines
  • Director of Financial Operations Jacqueline Jarosz
  • Director of Financial Reporting and Grant Accounting Jane Kane
  • Director of Purchasing Mark Anderson

Union County College Facilities Master Plan 2021-2025