Purchasing Policy


The Board of Trustees, through resolution, has designated the Vice President for Finance and/or the Director of Purchasing as the contracting agents of the College and has delegated to them and their deputies the authority to make awards in the best interest of the College and for purchasing equipment, materials, supplies and services in accord with provisions under N.J.S.A. Title 18A Chapter 64A, Article 1A. County College Contracts Law and other applicable State and Federal public contracting laws. The Purchasing Department is obligated to monitor compliance with the laws, rules and regulations set forth by Federal, State and local authorities as they pertain to the purchasing function.

No other individual has authority to enter into purchase contracts or, in any way, obligate the College for procurement indebtedness, unless specifically authorized to do so in writing by the Board of Trustees. Any such purchase commitments are considered unauthorized and may not be honored for payment.  In no instance should suppliers deliver materials for purchase or testing until a UCNJ purchase order has been received. The primary point of contact with vendors is the UCNJ Purchasing Department.