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Union County College

Division of Student Development

The Vice President of Student Development leads a staff that is responsible for designing, maintaining, and improving the quality of the professional support services for the College’s 12,000 students.

In alignment with the College’s mission and philosophy, the Vice President  oversees a team of leaders who work to ensure that their efforts create an environment of student success, one that is focused on educational excellence and the achievement of equity for all populations served. The Vice President leads the following departments: Advising, Career and Transfer Services, College Life, the Educational Opportunity Fund, Financial Aid, Recruitment and the Dean of Students’ Office.


Student Development Leadership:

Director of Advising, Career, and Transfer Services: Heather Keith

Director of Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF): Ruben D. Melendez

Director of Enrollment Services: Beatriz Rodriguez

Director of Financial Aid: Dayne Chance