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The English degree program is designed for the students interested in focusing on literature and writing in an interrelated academic environment. The program features a broad range of courses in English language, literature, and composition, including introduction to literature, survey courses, genre courses, diversity-based and interdisciplinary courses, and writing-intensive courses.

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Career Paths

Proofreader/Copy Editor
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Editorial Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Assistant Teacher
Publishing Companies
Communications Companies
Transfer Opportunities
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Why Study English?

Pursuing a degree in English offers compelling reasons for individuals who have a passion for language, literature, and the power of written expression.

This degree program provides a deep understanding of the English language, literature, and various forms of written communication. By studying English, students enhance their critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills, which are highly valued in many professions. An English degree cultivates a love for literature, exposing students to diverse authors and genres, and fostering an appreciation for storytelling and the human experience.

The degree program hones writing abilities, enabling students to express themselves eloquently and persuasively. Graduates of English programs can pursue careers in writing, publishing, journalism, editing, content creation, marketing, teaching, and more. The skills gained through an English degree, such as effective communication, research, and analysis, are transferable across various industries and are particularly sought after in the digital age.

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