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Course work prepares the student to perform basic physical therapy procedures and should not be considered as a direct vehicle of study towards an entry-level physical therapy academic program. The program demands that students attend classes full-time during the day. Hours for clinical practice may vary and travel to the clinical setting is the responsibility of the student.

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Career Paths

Physical Therapy Assistant
Average Physical Therapy Assistant Salary in New Jersey
Fitness Centers
Rehabilitation Centers
Outpatient Clinics/Private Practices
Extended Care Facilities
Transfer Opportunities
Students are encouraged to work closely with UCNJ’s faculty and Advising Transfer Services. Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution in NJ can explore the “Transfer Programs” feature on NJ Transfer.
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Why Study Physical Therapy Assistance?

Pursuing a degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) offers compelling reasons for individuals passionate about helping others achieve improved physical health and mobility. As a PTA, individuals work closely with physical therapists to implement treatment plans and rehabilitation exercises for patients recovering from injuries or managing chronic conditions.

By studying to become a PTA, individuals gain specialized knowledge in anatomy, physiology, therapeutic techniques, and patient care. This expertise enables them to make a positive impact on patients’ lives, facilitating their recovery and enhancing their overall well-being. Pursuing a degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant opens doors to a rewarding and fulfilling career in the healthcare field, providing hands-on patient care and witnessing the progress of individuals as they regain their strength and mobility.

Physical therapy plays a vital role in improving the quality of life for a diverse range of patients, from athletes recovering from sports injuries to elderly individuals seeking to maintain their independence.

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