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The Environmental Science – Sustainability Option offered through Biology, A.S. offers the first two years of a bachelor’s degree program with a major in Environmental Science – Sustainability. It is designed for students who seek a career that focuses on the principles of sustainability as applied to a specific industry or business.

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Career Paths

Environmental Specialist
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Sustainability Coordinator
Environmental Non-Profits
Environmental Consulting Firms
Waste Management Services
Government Agencies
Transfer Opportunities
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Why Study Environmental Science – Sustainability?

Environmental Science provides a comprehensive education that delves into the complex interactions between humans and the natural world.

By studying environmental science, individuals gain a deep understanding of ecological systems, environmental policies, climate change, sustainable practices, and conservation efforts. This knowledge equips them with the tools to make informed decisions and develop innovative solutions for pressing environmental issues.

A degree in environmental science opens doors to a wide range of career opportunities, including environmental consultant, sustainability specialist, conservation scientist, environmental policy analyst, and research scientist. Moreover, environmental science plays a crucial role in shaping policies and practices that promote a sustainable future, preserve biodiversity, and protect natural resources.

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